(for those seeking credentials with the AG)

Internships are a practical, hands-on ministry experience normally supervised by the intern’s home church pastor.  Because the internship prayer journal requires six months to complete, the internship is a minimum of six months.

The cost for your Internship is a one-time registration fee of $70 (for MNSOM) and a recommended honorarium to your Mentor of $100.

In the Minnesota District, the credential application deadline is November 1 each year. Credentials are received during the District Council the following spring.  This requires the six-month internship to be started by April 1 to receive credentials in the following year.

In the Midwest Latin American District, credential applications are received year round. The internship should be started six months prior to the credential application.

The Mentor Covenant completed during the first month of internship.  Mentors need to be approved by the MnSOM Director, Pastor Greg Hickle.   For approval, make a copy of the signed Mentor Covenant and mail it to Pastor Hickle at the District Office.

Waivers are a possibility for people in active ministry roles.  Applications for waivers and waiver checklists should submitted well before the May 1st for internship registrations to meet November 1st credential application deadline.

Students can find all of the Internship manuals and paperwork on the Moodle Website