Credentialing Levels and How to Apply


Credentialing Levels

CERTIFIED MINISTER – Those who indicate God’s call to ministry, manifest a desire to enter the ministry by engaging in Christian work and, who devote a part of his or her time to Christian service may be recognized as Certified Ministers.

LICENSE TO PREACH – Those who exhibit clear evidence of a call to ministry and practical experience in preaching, together with an evident purpose to devote one’s life to ministry, are eligible for a License to Preach.

ORDAINED MINISTER – Qualifications for Ordination are outlined in the New Testament scriptures (I Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:7-9). They are of mature Christian experience who are qualified and able to undertake the responsibilities of the full ministry. Applicants must be 23 years of age or older and a member of the MN District AG for no less than one (1) year prior to ordination. They must also possess a License to Preach and be in active full-time ministry for at least (2) consecutive years.

How to apply for Credentials

Go to to visit the Minnesota District Council website. Near the bottom, click “Follow the Call”. Read the Credentialing Handbook and complete the Pre-Application in the first part of the year you plan to apply for credentials. All credentialing questions can be directed to Erin Corbett, the Credentialing Coordinator for MDC, at

Considerations before applying for Credentials

If you have a divorce in your past or that of your current spouse, it does not necessarily exclude you from credentials but there is a separate process to have the divorce recognized. Please call the Credentialing Coordinator as soon as possible for a phone “pre-interview” screening to see if your divorce(s) will most likely be recognized or not. Later you will go through the rest of the divorce recognition process.

The credentialing application asks these questions. If you currently have any struggles with these areas, please call Pastor Jim Filbeck, the Secretary/Treasurer and overseer of credentialing, to talk through the situation:

  1. Have you ever been accused of, investigated for, or engaged in any sexual misconduct involving a minor or adult, including but not limited to child molestation, indecent liberties with a child, sexual harassment, rape, child pornography, sexual contact with a counselee, or sexual or non-sexual violence such as child abuse, assault, battery, murder, or kidnapping?
  2. In the last seven years (or since your conversion, if less than seven years ago) have you had sexual contact/activity outside of a biblically defined marriage (such as incest, adultery, homosexual activity, etc.)?
  3. Have you intentionally viewed pornography over the past 24 months? Do you use or abuse alcohol or recreational drugs or struggle with other issues/additions which are referenced in Article X. Discipline, Section 3 of the General Council Bylaws. (also see 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9)