The MNSOM Advancement Scholarship is for students pursuing AG credentials that are experiencing financial hardship and need some help to afford classes. Recipients will receive a discount on a specified number of classes and will be responsible to pay the remaining amount of each class. Enrollment, books, and internships are not covered. You will need to explain your financial situation, submit a pastoral reference, and submit an essay.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Recipients must be a Minnesota resident.
  • Recipient must be working towards credentials with the Assemblies of God.
  • The scholarship will be for $50 off up to 10 classes ($500 total).
  • Recipients must be experiencing a financial hardship that is making it difficult to complete schooling.
  • Scholarship applicants must agree to adhere to the MNSOM Standards of Academic Integrity and MNSOM policies as stated in the MNSOM Student Handbook.
    • (pg. 6) Any conduct that may be considered dishonest, cheating or not up to Christian living standards by the instructor of the class, classmates, or staff of MNSOM is unacceptable and may result in the loss of the scholarship.
  • Candidates will be responsible for the one-time enrollment fee into MNSOM and books for classes taken. Internship are also not covered by this scholarship.
  • If the scholarship recipient registers for a MNSOM class and does not attend without rendering the required twenty-four-hour advance cancellation notification for any reason, the MNSOM Scholarship funds will be withdrawn and no longer available for future classes. The student will be responsible for the full price of each class going forward.
  • The student must achieve a minimum grade of C – 70% in each MNSOM class to receive future MNSOM Scholarship Funds.

Application Process

Applicants must have a pastor reference citing ministry involvement, personal life, and suitability for pursuing credentials. Links will be provided on the online application for you to give to the pastor who will submit a reference.

Each scholarship candidate will submit an essay via document upload in the application form in order to be considered for the scholarship. The essay must be 300-500 words regarding the call of God on your life and your aspirations to serve that call as a credentialed Assemblies of God minister.

Divorce Recognition

Students with a divorce in their past or that of their current spouse must first call Erin Corbett, the Credentialing Coordinator, at 612-332-2400 before completing this application for a pre-interview phone call about Divorce Recognition. You must tell her you are applying to this scholarship so she lets us know if your divorce will most likely be recognized or if you are disqualified from credentials with the AG.

Scholarship applications will be accepted ongoing during the year. Scholarships will be awarded when funds are available.