MNSOM uses two types of Text Overview homework assignments. One type is the traditional Bible Institute format. The other type is online using the Moodle Learning Platform.

Homework typically takes fifteen to twenty hours per month to complete, but may vary depending on student study habits. It is important to have the homework completed before class. Forty percent of the grade is based on homework and the exam is also based on the homework.

Bible Institute Format

The Bible Institute format is a very traditional method used in many Bible Institutes and most District Schools of Ministry. The assignments require copying text information, normally word for word out of the textbook. To find answers, students look for keywords or phrases as they read the textbook.

These assignments are graded in class by students exchanging papers. So it is important to copy word for word and to bring one assignment computer printout for correcting in class and turning in for MNSOM records. The Text Overview assignments are posted at the MNSOM Moodle site and can be downloaded.

For Zoom format classes (when in-person is cancelled for bad weather), complete the typed homework as stated above. You will correct it in class and then email a copy  (Word or PDF) to in order to turn in a copy for MNSOM records.

Final Exams for these classes are 40-50 questions about the information covered in the Text Overview and
presented in Multiple Choice, True/False, or Matching formats.

Moodle Learning Platform

About half of MNSOM courses use Faith and Action Series textbooks and the Text Overview answers must be entered on the Moodle Learning Platform. (Click here for How-To guide) These homework answers are due by noon the day before class. The assignments consist of ten questions in  multiple choice format for each textbook chapter (any further charts or questions in the textbook are optional). Moodle gives immediate feedback of which answers are correct or incorrect often with textbook page references  so students can confirm the answer location. Students are allowed to retest themselves on Moodle but only the first attempt will be recorded for grading purposes. Our experience with this system is that students are better prepared for class and ask more in-depth questions during classroom homework review.

                Final Exams for these classes are 50 selected questions from the Text Overview in the same Multiple Choice format.

How to Access the Moodle Learning Platform

The website for these overviews is . The student’s username is his or her email address in lower case letters. The default student password will be emailed to you (case sensitive), and the system will ask you to make a personal password.

Courses with Bible Institute Text Overviews will have a Word document that can be downloaded by clicking on link provided. You will need to have one typed and printed out copy for turning in as you arrive at class (you will later correct it with your instructor).

Courses with Faith & Action Series textbooks will have a PDF document that can be downloaded by clicking on the link provided. You will be entering your responses to the Text Overview on Moodle before the class day. Note that some have been modified and improved by MNSOM from the original textbook version. The answers are due by noon the day before class. Have a paper copy of your answers for class discussion.