Troy Fields Lead Pastor – Tree of Life Assembly of God MNSOM Instructor and Former Student

“In 2011, I was helping at Men’s Advance and there was a presentation about MNSOM. I was very excited to start my education again, so I grabbed the enrollment form and signed up. The classes have been everything I could have hoped for. I completed the requirements to receive my Certificate of Ministry in 2011, and I will complete the requirements for licensing early this year. As exciting as that part of the journey has been, what is even more exciting is the friends that I have made through MNSOM. I have been blessed with new friends from all over Minnesota through MNSOM.”

Amanda Legrey School District Psychologist, Former MNSOM Student

“MNSOM is a monthly catalyst for change. I often leave the MNSOM weekend thinking about different ideas that were shared during the class sessions and different perspectives on the classroom reading. MNSOM is not meant to be a seminary program, but it is intended to equip and I have found it to be an inspiration for ministry and reaching people. MNSOM is an opportunity to gain wisdom, resources, and knowledge to begin being part of the priesthood of all believers. The books are inspiring, relevant and provide valuable information. The classroom discussions are thought provoking and provide different ideas, perspectives, and ways of doing ministry. God calls every person into some form of ministry. In order to successfully complete that task, people need to listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction and have the tools they need to follow God’s will. MNSOM is a place that people can go to gain these tools and resources that they need to further the Kingdom of God.”