Step 1 – Enroll in the School

Read through the Student Handbook before enrolling to be familiar with our policies. Students of MNSOM must have a minimum education of a High School Diploma or GED to participate.  Then complete the Enrollment Application and pay the $60 application fee. The application fee is non-refundable and does not include individual course tuition fees or the cost of textbooks. Send any previous schooling unofficial transcripts to Erin, the Credentialing Coordinator at to be evaluated (if you are working towards credentials). Berean and MNSOM class lists (red required with MNSOM only)

Student Handbook 2024Student Catalog 2024-2025
Enroll in MNSOM Form

Step 2 – Pastor’s Recommendation

All students are required to submit a pastor’s recommendation unless they currently hold Assemblies of God credentials. You can download the pastor’s recommendation form here and give it to your pastor to fill out and send in to our office.

Pastor's Recommendation Form

Step 3 – Register for a Course

After we have received your application and pastor’s recommendation, we will contact you with the information to register for classes. Tuition is $99 per course and there is an additional $15 late fee if you register less than 3 weeks before a class. The book cost is not included in the class tuition and needs to be purchased separately. You will receive a link to the book in Moodle once we have registered you in the class. You can find the Class Schedule below.

Class Schedule
Class Registration Form

Step 4 – Log into Moodle

After registering for your first course, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain your Moodle login. Moodle is the website where you will access your required reading and homework for each course. How-To Guide for Moodle

Open Moodle

Step 5 – Order book

Students are responsible for ordering their own textbook for each course. A list of the textbooks for each course can be found on the MNSOM Moodle website on the course page under “Required Reading”.

Textbooks are available from a variety of sources. Students are free to purchase books new, used, in e-format, and from whatever website they choose.

We have an agreement with Christian Book Distributors to stock sufficient quantities of books for MNSOM classes. Many of our books can be found on their website and MNSOM receives a referral fee bonus from  for items purchased through the links provided on each course page.

Step 6 – Complete Homework

You will find your homework for each class on the Moodle Website. After you register for your course you will receive a confirmation email that will give you the information to access your class on Moodle. MNSOM uses two types of Text Overview homework assignments. One type is a traditional Bible Institute format in a Word docuemnt that you download and complete. The other type is online using the Moodle Learning Platform through a set of multiple choice questions (Faith & Action Series textbooks). You can find more information about the homework on our website here.

Completing the homework and reading the textbook typically takes fifteen to twenty hours, but may vary depending on student study habits. It is required to have the homework completed before class. If you are not able to complete it or need to cancel for another reason, you will pay the $25 rollover tuition fee to change your registration to your next class. Forty percent of the grade is based on homework and the exam is also based on the homework.

Step 7 – Attend Class

Classes meet one Saturday a month from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. It is important that you arrive on time and bring your completed homework (or copy of Moodle quiz answers if Faith & Action book), textbook, and computer or notebook to take notes. Full-day attendance is required. A meal is provided.

The first part of the day is spent going over the Text Overview questions. The students then take and correct the exam. The session after the exam is organized by the instructor for further learning, practice, and discussion on the topic.

Step 8 – Internships

For those desiring credentials with the Assemblies of God, there is a mandatory internship for each level — Certified, Licensed, and Ordained. Internship are a minimum of 6 months long (maximum of 24 months) so registration must be started before June 1 the year you are applying for credentials in order to meet the November 30 deadline. You can register for the internship on the normal class registration page. Check out the Internship page for more information.

Step 9 – Credentials

Completing the MNSOM classes is one step toward pursuing Assemblies of God ministry credentials. Credentials require an extensive application procedure including references, recommendations, background checks, credit checks, interviews, a written test, credentialing classes, etc. Take a look at the Credentialing Pathway here.

Assemblies of God ministry credentials should be thought of as recognition of calling and ministry. In the Minnesota District there are approximately 1100 credentialed ministers and about 250 churches. About half of the churches have bi-vocational lead pastors. Ministry credentials may be a step toward finding employment but many of our ministers are not paid for their ministry.

You can find more information about the credentialing process and the Credentialing Handbook on the Minnesota Assemblies of God website. Pastor Erin Corbett coordinates the credentialing process and can be reached at (612) 332-2400 or


We are here to help! You can reach our office at 612-332-2400 or at