Who can attend MNSOM?

If you are 18 years of age, you can attend MNSOM.

Whether you are taking first steps toward credentials with the Assemblies of God, upgrading your current credentials or just want to take classes to enrich your personal walk with God, MNSOM is prepared to equip and encourage you as you respond the call that God has put on your heart.

There is no second guessing about whether the classes that you are taking through MNSOM count toward credentialing. The Assemblies have academic requirements that must be met in order to receive credentials with the Assemblies of God. Every class that is offered at MNSOM is designed and will be accepted to meet credential guidelines with the assemblies of God.

What do the different levels of of classes mean?

LAY LEADERSHIP –A person who desires to grow in biblical knowledge and church leadership.  Classes are taken with no intent to pursue credentials with the Assemblies of God.

CERTIFICATE OF MINISTRY (Level 1)–A person with an indication of God’s call on their life and a desire to engage in part-time/full time ministry with the option to pursue a license to preach.

LICENSE TO PREACH (Level 2)–Assembly of God minister who demonstrates a clear call into full-time ministry as a career path.  Evidence shows godly character, practical ministry experience, and a willingness to go wherever God would lead them.

ORDINATION (Level 3) –Typically, full-time ministers who have practical ministry/leadership experience proclaiming the gospel. Must be licensed for 2 years to qualify.  Biblical qualifications are outlined in I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:7-9.

When can I start classes?

Students may begin taking classes any month that classes are offered.  We have class ten months out of the year with a summer break in July and August. The only classes that must be taken in order are 136 Hermeneutics I before 137 Hermeneutics II.

How much time should I allow for studying each month?

Students should allow a minimum of 3 weeks (10-15 hours) before the class date listed on the schedule to study. We recommend 4 weeks if possible. That means it is best to have registered and have your book already in hand  3-4 week before the class date. Prices increase by $15 three Mondays before the class date (late fee). Registration closes about 10 days before class.

What counts toward the final grade for the class?

Students must attend the full class, read the textbook, complete the Text Overview, and successfully pass the course exam in order to receive full credit for the course. The final grade is determined as follows: 20% class attendance, 40% Text Overview, 40% exam.

I cannot get the online class registration form to work.

There is a code that must be entered for the form to work.  It prevents people that are not enrolled from registering for class.  It is given to students when their enrollment is complete.  If you are an enrolled student and have forgotten the code, email mnsom@mnaog.org and tell us the problem.

When do the classes meet?
Classes meet one Saturday a month from 8:30am-3:30pm.

How do I use Moodle?

Open this step-by-step guide of how to navigate Moodle and enter the homework for class that use Faith & Action curriculum. Click here.

How do I get a transcript?

If you want to see which classes you have completed, send an email requesting an unofficial transcript and it will be sent to your email address of record. If you need it sent to another institution, please include the address.

I cannot find the class on the online registration form.

To save space on the form, drop down boxes were used to list classes.  This is sometimes a difficulty when more than one class is offered at a class location. Click on the right of the box with the number and name. Click the box to the left of the city name to register for the class selected in the drop down box.

What if I can’t make it to a class that I already registered for?

There is a $25 fee to rollover your tuition to another class. That can be done on our website here. You must email us at mnsom@mnaog.org  at least 24 hours before class and then you have 30 days to complete the rollover tuition form. Last-minute emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Pam Lund or Erica Silva if you have any questions.


If you are applying for credentials with the Minnesota District Council you do not need to send a transcript.  The Credential Coordinator has access to MNSOM records and can see when you complete your classes.  She will print a transcript.

If you need a transcript to send to the Midwest Latin American District, Berean/Global, or another District School of Ministry, use you email of record to send an email requesting a transcript.  Include the name and mailing address of where you want it sent.