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Certified (Level 1) Courses

112 Life of Christ

This course concentrates on major events in the life of Christ, focusing on the time, place, circumstances, and people involved in the Lord’s ministry. The goal of this class is to increase students’ understanding of the Lord’s message, ministry, and mission; inspiring them to be better ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

121 Introduction to Pentecostal Doctrine

This introductory course in Pentecostal theology provides an overview of biblical doctrines, based upon the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God.

122 AG History, Missions, & Governance

This course is designed to give the students an understanding of the historical development and governing policies of the Assemblies of God through the stories of significant people involved. It will pay particular attention to the General Council Constitution and Bylaws and their application to the national fellowship, district councils, local churches, and credentialed ministers.

134 Ministerial Ethics (MN District Required Class*)

This course will provide a general overview of the entire scope of ministerial ethics. It will address different ethical issues from biblical and theological perspective. The course will help the student establish basic methods and approaches to maintaining high ethical standards in their lives.

136 Hermeneutics I

An introductory course on the principles for interpreting the Bible, emphasizing both historical and grammatical methods. The principles learned will equip the student to interpret appropriately the different genres of Scripture.

137 Hermeneutics II           (136 Hermeneutics I is a pre-requisite)

This course examines the genres of scripture and their differences and uses. The principles learned will equip the student to interpret appropriately the different genres of Scripture.

138 Spirit Empowered Churches

This class examines the heart of dynamic church growth: creating Spirit-empowered disciples who are involved in five activities―connect, grow, serve, go, and worship with love and power of God’s Holy Spirit.

140 (was 230) Systematic Theology

An introduction to theology and a detailed study of the biblical teachings regarding God, Scripture, Man, Christ, Salvation, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and the End Times.

141 (was 211) Old Testament Survey

This course will serve as an introduction to the history, literature, and basic message of the Old Testament. The course will address major figures, events, and themes of the Old Testament and its foundational relationship to the New Testament.

142 (was 212) New Testament Survey

This course will serve as an introduction to the history, literature, and basic message of the New Testament. The course will address major figures, events, and themes presented in each of the New Testament books.

150 Certified Internship

Licensed (Level 2) Courses

213 Romans

Paul’s letter to the church in Rome is the most extensive theological presentation in the New Testament. For this reason, it has demanded the attention of biblical students in every era. Yet, there are significant passages in Romans that are paralleled in other New Testament writings, indicating that Paul is addressing important issues that are not entirely new.

223 Eschatology

An advanced study of the doctrine of the End Times, covering the topics of death, the return of Christ, the resurrection and rapture, the tribulation, the millennium, judgment, and the new heaven and new earth.

231 Introduction to Homiletics

A study in the preparation and delivery of sermons, with special emphasis on Pentecostal expository preaching.

232 Leadership Skills 

A study in the principles of leadership, with practical application to leadership roles in Assemblies of God churches.

233 Conflict Resolution (MN District Required Class*)

A study devoted to the resolution of conflict in the local church. The reasons for churches becoming unhealthy and how God wants to heal them are examined. The Lordship of Jesus Christ and His methodology in resolving conflict form the basis of this study.

234 Introduction to Missions

An introductory course in the work of missions, both in general and with special reference to the Assemblies of God, noting recent developments, crucial issues, and current trends.

241 (was 133) Local Church Evangelism

A theological and practical study of the Great Commission of sharing the Gospel with the world, both personally and in cooperation with other believers.

243 (was 113) Acts

A study of the book of Acts with concentration on biblical theology, the historical background of events, and an emphasis on Luke’s historical and theological narrative. Special attention will be given to the role of the Holy Spirit in the birth and development of the church.

245 (was 115) Prison Epistles

This class is exegetical study of Paul’s four Prison Epistles—Ephesians, Colossians, Philippians & Philemon. The class will concentrate on Paul’s doctrinal and practical teachings particularly regarding the believer, the church, and human relationships.

250 Licensed Internship

Ordained (Level 3) Courses

311 Pentateuch

A general introduction to the theology of the first five books of the Bible, noting particularly God’s relationship with his creation and his covenants with his people, the nature of sin and redemption, and the importance of holiness in life and worship.

312 Psalms

In addition to the general overview of the book including their authorship, classification and function in the early church, selected Psalms will be studied in depth, understanding the historical setting, structure, meaning, and spiritual application of each.

314 Corinthians

An expository study of Paul’s two Letters to the Corinthian church, highlighting his responses to the problems affecting it, his views of Christian character and ministry, and their relevance to the contemporary church.

322 Theology of Prayer

A study of biblical prayer, stressing the importance and impact of prayer in contemporary life and ministry.

324 Theology of Worship

An examination of the scriptural foundations and spiritual dynamics of corporate praise and worship.

331 Multicultural Ministry

A study in the principles, process, and problems of communicating from one culture to another, with special attention to developing proficiency in communicating the gospel to people from other cultures.

332 Pastoral Ministry (MN District Required Class*)

A practical study of the pastoral ministry, including the pastor’s call, preaching, teaching, church leadership, family life, and more.

334 Church Administration, Law, & Finance

A theological and practical study of the wide-ranging daily life issues of running a church—organizational, financial, legal, and people issues.

350 Ordained Internship
*District Required Courses must be taken through MNSOM